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Mental Sports Performance

ESMP – Is a Mental Performance Training program designed to educate sports-minded individuals on the importance of integrating mental training into their athletic activities. It promotes the psychological potential for defending off negative stressors associated with performance.

This program aims to assist athletic individuals of all ages to connect the mind to the body in a way that motivates individuals to strategically push themselves to achieve their goals in the sports milieu of their choice, including life.

This program is built on understanding the many aspects of mental preparation. It is founded on the individual’s personality and mindfulness to manage distraction while controlling negative stressors.

It was initiated on the building of an understanding of one’s personality based on the theory of 16 personality traits and the Keirsey temperament sorter for conceptualizing personal characteristics.

Mindfulness is an opportunity to internally control one’s thoughts while accepting the realization that the negative perception of others does not have to be an environment that one projects themselves into. The views and negative chatter within one’s mind can be controlled by rebooting the hardware within their mental computer.

Once mindfulness is established, only then can other avenues of mental growth be reinforced. Change, such as achieving motivation and maintaining it, being resilient and attaining mental toughness, understanding anxiety, and managing distractions that sway you away from your goals.

Once this intellectual capacity of training your mind is understood and the intricate pieces for comprehended this training, only then can the development of goal setting and team building be accomplished to develop a complete and well-rounded athlete to achieve goals in sports and life.