4DTC – Sports Performance Training Center


The ability of the body to restore physiological and psychological processes. This allows for efficiency for
athletic performance so that the athlete can compete and train at an appropriate level. This restoration
utilizes external intervention techniques to expedite rebuilding of the internal environment of these
systems. Exercise Innovation located within the 4D training center has created an environment to
promote the internal recovery from athletic endeavors via external means in an environment of
mindfulness and meditation.


Percussion Therapy:
 Used for enhancement of muscle mobility and fluency of its physiological function.
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Reduce scar tissue build up associated with injuries 
  • Prevention of (DOMS) delayed onset of muscle soreness
Athlete Recovery
Compression Revitalization:
 Used to assist in circulatory recovery by increasing capillary efficiency and decreasing lactic acid buildup.



  • Decrease (DOMS) delayed onset of muscle soreness
  • Increase local vascular effect
  • Decreases lactic acid build-up within muscles
  • Increases flexibility
Athlete Recovery
Isolated Muscle Lengthening:

Is a manual stretching protocol to improve Athletic function and efficiency.

  • Relieve feeling of muscle stiffness
  • Improve body alignment
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Enhance body awareness
Athlete Recovery