4DTC – Sports Performance Training Center



4DTC boot camps and high-intensity interval training.

Total body activation is built to improve your physical strength, mental well-being, and self-image.  

4DTC classes are designed for those looking for an elevated way of training. Whether you are an ex-athlete or looking to increase and add intensity to your weekly exercise routine. 4DTC Bootcamps is the only performance class you need.  

We have you covered with a full week of well-rounded sessions to meet your exercise needs. 

Check out our weekly class layout below. 


Sunday:Interval Training

A combination of strength and cardio training. Alternating between body weight, plyometrics and 

resisted exercise. 


Monday: Boot Camp

The exercises focused on building strength and endurance through free-weight exercises centered on the ASMAP technique. This will allow each participant to go at their own pace while challenging themselves. 


Tuesday: Upper Body Lift 

Focused on sculpting your upper body and back by using compound movements to build strength.


Wednesday: Tone and Tighten

Exercise involving plyometrics and core strengthening to improve stability and posture for

improved functioning


Thursday: Lower Body Lift

Exercise intervention to promote sculpting of your lower body through functional movement

patterns utilizing free weights to build strength. 


Friday: HIIT 

Strength training employing functional movement patterns in a circuit design for full body endurance with a focus on the ASMAP technique. 


Saturday: Full Body Lift

Strength training for upper and lower body utilizing free weight during functional movements.