4DTC – Sports Performance Training Center


After an injury or surgery, physical therapy oversees the management of acute care in a setting conducive to returning the athlete to normal function associated with normal daily living, this consist of normal activity up to moderate exercise. The progression back into sports competition and increased sports performance function can be accelerated in an environment associated with professional strength and conditioning personnel, usually within the advanced setting of the physical therapy environment or functional conditioning venue. This venue allows for advanced biomechanical exercise which more closely simulate one’s sport and competition level to enhance functional strength and conditioning such as improving balance and stability to decrease possibility of re-injury.

Key Focuses

Stability is the capacity of muscles within the torso to maintenance posture and
balance during movement.

Why is Balance so important in sports performance: balance and muscle coordination
will increase the body’s ability to control itself during challenging tasks, this improves agility,
reaction times, and overall performance.